As a leading global beauty company, L’Oréal Paris is dedicated to supporting skincare and suncare research and development. This commitment is evident through L’Oréal Paris’ support of medical research and the brand’s extensive work in advancing state of the art skincare and suncare through research and development. The company’s research on the effects of ultraviolet radiation on skin has led the company to develop safe and effective sun protection products for all skin tones. 

While one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma is also one of the most preventable diseases. However, a majority of women do not take adequate and consistent precautions by using sunscreen on a regular basis. This lack of awareness and action provided an opportunity for L’Oréal Paris to educate consumers and elevate this issue in a new and unique way.



With so many brands in the suncare category, TogoRun knew a unique campaign and social platform was needed to cut through the clutter and elevate the campaign’s messages. We identified a new crowd sourcing platform – the Thunderclap – which allowed one message at one time to be distributed through all the social channels of participants in the movement. By joining this movement, supporters joined an online flash mob that encouraged others to take action via one simple message: I'll stop melanoma by wearing sunscreen daily & using my voice to support MRA. A cure is near! #itsthatworthit.



The It’s THAT Worth It Thunderclap was the first of its kind for any major beauty brand. The Thunderclap provided a unique platform for the brand to engage with its key audiences like never before. The results were record breaking in the beauty category and disseminated the campaign to millions of people. In fact, the campaign was so successful, the Thunderclap platform showcases the It’s THAT Worth It Campaign as a cause related case study!