In Europe, women represent one-third of all new HIV diagnoses. Despite this alarming figure, communities across Europe lacked educational resources on treating and living with HIV that were tailored specifically for women. This shortcoming translated into poor communications between patients and healthcare providers and less than optimal care.


On behalf of Bristol-Myers Squibb, TogoRun developed and launched the SHE (Strong, HIV positive, Empowered Women) program. Spanning 16 European countries and 10 languages, SHE educated healthcare professionals, government officials, the media and the public about HIV care for women, while establishing peer support groups for women living with HIV. In addition to helping build alliances and recruit leaders, TogoRun launched a website ( to support the program that was made available in eight different languages, and conducted an intensive earned media campaign.


Over the course of the program’s rollout, SHE was featured in 270+ articles, constituting more than 75 million impressions. Members of the European Parliament endorsed SHE, as did 14 leading HIV patient advocacy, healthcare and support organizations.