Health and well-being are the heart of TogoRun’s practice. We combine our deep capabilities, wide experience and sector knowledge to deliver award-winning programs in markets around the world. What adds to our unique contribution is the vast diversity of our team, with more than 50 percent being bilingual or multilingual. With TogoRun’s insight and guidance, clients reach their key audiences with messages that resonate, inspire and drive action.

Health Technology & Devices

We are on the threshold of a transformative period for healthcare technology around the world. Advances in information technology, nanotechnology, robotics and other disciplines are changing healthcare for consumers and providers alike.

We are actively participating in the new era of the “quantified self”. Millions of consumers worldwide will increasingly monitor their health in real-time. And this data will enable healthcare providers to better coordinate care, improve outcomes and reduce costs. We will see new modes of treatment and new business and operational models.

With tremendous opportunities ahead, innovators will also face challenges in the marketplace and in the halls of government. How do you tell your untold story? How do you lead the world onto a new path?

TogoRun is an experienced leader in healthcare communications, marketing and public affairs. We know how to navigate and conquer new territory. Equally as important, we recognize that cutting-edge solutions and services often need to break new ground to communicate their vision. We can help you develop groundbreaking programs that make all the difference.