TogoRun captures the indomitable spirit of Togo — Leonhard Seppala's lead dog in the 1925 Great Race of Mercy across Alaska that is now commemorated by the annual Iditarod. Togo is the race's untold story.

Reprinted from 2012 Article entitled "TOGO"
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As professional communicators, we all know 'the story is the thing.' A story breaks down barriers. It builds understanding. It fosters trust and camaraderie.

The untold story is even more powerful. It challenges our belief system and forces us to think differently. It inspires us to change our behavior and share that inspiration with others.

We named our company after the untold story of a Siberian husky, who risked everything to save a village in Alaska from succumbing to a deadly outbreak of diphtheria.

Many may have heard of the 1925 Race for Mercy, commemorated in the annual Iditarod race, when sled dog relay teams were the only hope to deliver life-saving serum over 600 miles of treacherous ice, in minus 85 degree temperature and in blinding snow to Nome villagers. Many also may have heard of a dog named Balto, who ran the last leg of the race and became a Hollywood star.

But the untold story of that race is about Togo, an undersized husky known for his unrivaled speed, unbounded energy and uncanny navigation over uncharted territory. Togo took on the most treacherous segment of the relay race and covered over 350 miles—more than five times the terrain of the other teams. Togo may not have been the one who crossed the finish line first, but he was the one who made that last lap even possible.

We love Togo's untold story, especially as an allegory for the health and well-being breakthroughs that are being forged by our clients every day. Uncovering and telling these stories is our specialty. Uncharted territory doesn't scare our clients and it doesn't scare us. It makes us stronger and more determined than ever to beat the odds, go the extra mile, enhance and save lives and make the world a healthier and happier place.

We hope you will jump on the sled and come run with us. We look forward to learning more about your specific objectives and challenges and working with you to tell your untold story, create visionary and pragmatic solutions and give you the best agency experience of your career. We are pulling for you!